Energy Savings

Reduce Thermoforming Cycle Time with Dale Valve Solutions

Thermoforming 1

Thermoforming is a process where a thin sheet of plastic enters the machine mold and forms thin walled products by vacuum being pulled on the mold. These machines produce high volume, low margin products, and machine speed is the difference between profit and loss.

The Dale Valve Solution from ROSS Controls

  • Compact Manifold Design- eliminating piping allows mounting closer to the mold
  • Reduced Cycle Time- Less piping = less volume to evacuate = speed = profit
  • High Flow- CP series 2-1/2” with a Cv of 100 = massive speed = massive profit
  • Fast Consistent Shifting- Dual piston design eliminates springs and provides smooth, fast shifting
  • Energy Savings- The Dale Valve Solution is Green!Thermoforming 2
    • Reduced piping eliminates system volume which reduces vacuum pump and compressor drain
    • True 2/2 Dale design with no “open crossover” reduces vacuum pump and compressor drain
  • Reduced Downtime- Poppet cartridge design allows rebuilds to be completed in minutes

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