Reduce Leak Testing Cycle Time with Dale Valve Solutions

Practically every pressure-containing vessel is leak tested during production or assembly. There are generally three types of leak test methods: pressure or vacuum decay, flow tests, and helium tests.

You might ask, “Why are the valves used in testing so important?” Essentially, if the valves being used to control the test themselves are leaking, you won’t be able to tell if the product under test is leaking.

Leak Testing 1

The Dale Valve Solution from ROSS Controls

  • Bubble Tight- the patented poppet design eliminates internal leak paths
  • High Flow- leak tight and high flow equals reduced test time
  • Pressure Range- pressure range from high vacuum to 250psi
  • Pressure Independent- provides the ability to have pressure or vacuum on any port at any time
  • Temperature Effects- low wattage coils or air actuated versions eliminates heating of the valve
  • Elimination of Tubing- The CX or LT manifolds eliminate piping and potential leak paths
  • Compact Installation- the compact manifolds eliminate spacing between valves
  • Integrated Sensor Ports- the LT series custom leak manifolds come with integrated sensor ports


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