Reduce Tray Pack Process Time with Dale Valve Solutions

Tray Pack 1

Tray packing is a modified atmospheric packaging process where a product is placed in a tray, a vacuum is pulled to remove atmospheric air, inert gas is injected, and the tray is sealed. The process helps to extend shelf-life, enhance color, and eliminate crushing.

The Dale Valve Solution from ROSS Controls

Because of the control required on both the upper and lower chamber for the vacuum and gas sequences, two-way valves are ideal in this application. The Dale series CP series manifolds and the LF inline series provides a cost effective compact solution to improve machines and reduces cycle time.

Benefits include:Tray Pack 2

  • Compact and high flow with up to a Cv of 100 to reduce cycle time
  • Light weight CP manifold series eliminates piping and allows the valves to be mounted closer to the process
  • Elimination of vacuum loss during actuation of typical 3-way valves by advanced control with a 2-station 2-way manifold design
  • The bi-directional flow capabilities allow vacuum, pressure, or inert gas on any port at any time
  • LF inline series provides redundant dual valve for gas supply line


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