ROSS Controls in the Glass Container Industry

ROSS CONTROLS® knows the Glass Industry.  We use a proven poppet technology with our valves, and can work with you on custom “ROSS/FLEX®” designs.

We have Global Industry Specialists and a wide distributor network that can take on as much responsibility for your project as you decide.

ROSS offers valves and solutions for both the cold and hot end forming process applications:

·        Designed for repeatability

·        Designed for high temperature service

·        Unbeatable poppet technology for high shift consistency

·        Systems, circuits & products which substantially reduce piping, fittings, maintenance, downtime, and labor cost 

For more information on ROSS in the Glass Industry, please visit

For more information on our company and products, feel free to visit our website, or give us a call at 1-800-GET-ROSS to discuss your application.

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