Pilot Operated Check Valves for Cylinder Position Holding


Cylinder applications must consider what happens to the application’s safety function with the loss of air pressure.

Pilot Operated Check Valves, otherwise known as PO Checks, are used wherever a high-flow or remotely-controlled checking function is needed to provide cylinders to automatically stop in the event of the loss of electrical power or system air.


A pilot operated check valve is designed to trap pressure and hold a load in place. The design provides a positive force using the force of the trapped pressure to help hold the internal poppet seat in place.

The trapped pressure will need to be exhausted safely to resume normal machine operation.  In addition to single and dual valve options, ROSS Controls 27 Series PO Checks are offered with manual and remote trapped pressure relief options to provide a safe exhaust function.  Port sizes ranging from ¼” – 1” in either NPT or BSPP are available.

Please view our video featuring Modular Stamping Press Air Distribution Systems. Additionally, for more industry-specific information, please visit http://goo.gl/zBYD6y.

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