Automatic Counter Balance Systems

Increase productivity, while reducing wear and energy consumption, by using a ROSS Controls Stamping Press Automatic Counterbalance System.
A counterbalance system in a press helps to compensate for the weight of the slide and upper die during a press cycle.  This helps reduce overall energy requirements and allows the main motor to be much smaller a smaller and less expensive motor to be used.  Counterbalance pressures are set based upon the slide weight plus the weight of the die you happen to be using.  Larger dies requires higher pressures and smaller dies require lower pressures, so depending upon the part you are making, the pressure in the counterbalance system should be adjusted properly to maximize efficiency and improve part quality. 
The basic system normally uses a cylinder(s), an accumulator tank, a check valve, a bleed down valve and a manually adjusted regulator, and it is adjusted manually.  Manual regulator adjustments are time consuming and not very accurate, so they are rarely done properly.  Ross Controls has developed an automatic counterbalance valve system that can make these adjustments for each job running on the press quickly and accurately.
The Ross counterbalance valve contains a complete pneumatic circuit for controlling counterbalance pressures either manually or automatically.  This valve circuit is built into one package – saving space, reducing leak points and makes making for easy installation.
Please view our video featuring Modular Stamping Press Air Distribution Systems Automatic Counterbalance Systems at Additionally, for more industry-specific information, please visit
For more information on this subject, feel free to visit our website, or give us a call at 1-800-GET-ROSS to discuss your application.




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