Modular Air Distribution Systems


Replace your leaking stamping press air distribution panel with a Ross modular air distribution system which are compact, use o-ring seals to eliminate leak points, and are easy to maintain.
Air distribution manifolds are used to receive the main air supply and then distribute it out to various pneumatic devices throughout the press.  Typical pneumatic circuits on a press can include lines for clutch/brake, counterbalance, mechanical devices, automation valves, die clamps and die cushions.  While there is one main air supply to the manifold, each circuit can be individually controlled through manual pressure adjustments.
Each individual station on a ROSS modular air distribution system can be configured with any combination of a header block, regulator, check valve and bleed down valves.  Additional features include plugged ports for non-regulated air tool or auxiliary air use, removable modular regulators for maintenance and bleed down valves that have lockout capability to meet current lockout/tagout safety requirements.  In addition, all gauges can verify that a circuit has been exhausted and there’s an additional port that can be used to install a pressure switch if electrical verification is desired.
Next time you’re working on an old, leaky system in your plant, consider using one of these flexible and space saving Ross air distribution manifold assemblies. 
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