5/2 CROSSMIRROR® Series Pressure Return Double Valve

ROSS CONTROLS® announces the new 5/2 CROSSMIRROR® Series Pressure Return Double Valve.  A perfect solution for shearing, forming, cutting, clamping, pinch-point, two-hand control (ISO 18351 Type 3 C) and cylinder return-to-home position applications, this new valve delivers enhanced safety and dependable performance.

  • Can be used as a 3/2 Normally Closed or Normally Open valve function by plugging the unused outlet port
  • Self-contained dynamic monitoring system; no additional monitoring required
  • Valve fault resets in a lockout condition and prevents unintentional reset with removal of air or electricity
  • Reset can be electrical solenoid or remote pneumatic signal
  • Status indication switch (ready-to-run) to inform machine controller of valve condition
  • Base mounted, stainless steel spool valve construction
  • Manifoldable for multi valve applications
  • Sistema library data pending
In a normal operation setting, the valve is operated by energizing both pilot solenoids simultaneously. This causes both main valve elements to be actuated, so that the air from inlet port 1 flows to outlet port 4, but not to port 2. Air downstream of port 2 is exhausted through port 3.
When the solenoids are de-energized, both valve elements are de-actuated, and then the air flows from inlet port 1 to outlet port 2, but no longer to outlet port 4. Air downstream of port 4 is exhausted through port 5.
At ROSS Controls, we’re committed to helping you find useful solutions, to make your business more efficient. Looking for a more complete solution? Our team can put together a package that suits all your needs. For more information, contact our customer service department.


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