Ross Controls announces the M DM2®

ROSS CONTROLS® announces the M DM2®, its new control-reliable soft start double valve with an integrated soft start function. This modular valve unites the proven ROSS DM2® function with an innovative on-board soft start capability that allows gradual introduction of air to the system when the valve is energized. 

Features include:
  • Proven ROSS DM2® technology with integrated soft start
  • Soft start application of air to the system when energized; can be adjusted for slower or faster buildup of system pressure
  • Rapid exhaust of downstream air when de-energized to remove stored energy and allow safe access
  • Modular mounting for flexible configured air entry system assembly; order a single part number to meet your specific requirements
  • Dynamic Monitoring with Memory: Memory, monitoring, and air flow control functions are integrated into two identical valve elements. Valves lock-out if asynchronous movement of valve elements occurs during actuation or de-actuation, resulting in a residual outlet pressure of less than 1% of supply.
  • An action is required for reset: Cannot be reset by removing and re-applying supply pressure. Reset can only be accomplished by the integrated electrical (solenoid) reset.
  • Basic 3/2 Normally Closed Valve Function: Dirt tolerant, wear compensating poppet design for quick response and high flow capacity. PTFE back-up rings on pistons to enhance valve endurance- operates with or without inline lubrication.
  • LED Indication: Light-emitting diode (LED) indicators of main solenoid operation, reset solenoid operation, and status indicator condition.
  • Status Indicator: Includes a pressure switch with both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts to provide status feedback to the control system, indicating whether the valve is in the lockout or ready-to-run condition.
  • Transducer (optional): For monitoring of downstream pressure in the system.
  • Silencers: All models include high flow, clog resistant silencers. 


At ROSS Controls, we’re committed to helping you find useful solutions, to make your business more efficient. Looking for a more complete solution? Our team can put together a package that suits all your needs. For more information, contact our customer service department.

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